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      Mental Edge Coaching with Chad Hermansen
                                            My Story


Are you frustrated by the limitations holding back your young athlete from reaching their true potential?


Do you dream of seeing them thrive with unwavering confidence and excel in their chosen sport?


Look no further – we have the solution that can transform their athletic journey.

Introducing the Mental Edge Coaching Program with Chad Hermansen, a groundbreaking program designed to empower athletes aged 10 and up to conquer their mental and emotional game. Say goodbye to confidence issues, anxieties, and self-doubt, and welcome a new era of peak performance on and off the field.

Before the Mental Edge Coaching Program, many athletes struggled to break free from their mental barriers. They battled low self-image, lacked confidence, and were unable to tap into their full potential. These challenges held them back from achieving greatness, leaving them feeling defeated and discouraged.

But imagine a world where your athlete possesses unshakeable self-belief, exudes confidence, and has the tools to overcome any obstacle. With the Mental Edge Coaching Program, your athlete will experience a profound transformation, unlocking their true potential and embracing the power of their mind.

After completing our program, your athlete will emerge as a force to be reckoned with. They will build unwavering confidence, conquer their anxieties, and learn how to coach themselves through any situation. Our comprehensive curriculum equips athletes with the Self Coaching Model, helps them understand the origins of confidence, teaches effective emotion management, and enables them to become their own best coach. We firmly believe that self-coaching is the key to sustainable success.

What sets the Mental Edge Coaching Program apart is our unmatched expertise and experience. As a former MLB player and Scout with over 20 years in the baseball world, I intimately understand the challenges athletes face. I have personally conquered my own mental and emotional struggles as a professional athlete and have dedicated myself to becoming a certified life coach for athletes.

By joining the Mental Edge Coaching Program, your athlete will gain exclusive access to personalized coaching sessions with me. Together, we will unlock their full potential and help them soar to new heights. I am committed to making the coaching experience enjoyable, productive, and transformative, ensuring that every session is engaging and tailored to their needs.

Now is the time to take action and give your athlete the confidence they deserve. Apply now for the Mental Edge Coaching Program by filling out our simple application form. Once submitted, I will personally reach out to you via text or call to schedule a complimentary consultation call. During this call, we will discuss your athlete's unique needs, address any questions you may have, and create a roadmap for their mental edge journey.

Fill out there Contact form above and I will personally text you to set up a call to learn more about your athlete and to see if the Mental Edge Program is right for your athlete.

Don't let your athlete's potential go untapped any longer. Invest in their mental game today and witness the extraordinary impact it can have on their athletic journey.

To your athlete's success,

Chad Hermansen Founder of Mental Edge Coaching Program











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