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      Mental Edge Coaching with Chad Hermansen
                                            My Story

Hello, my name is Chad Hermansen.  I am a husband, father of four amazing kids, a former MLB Player, and now a Mental Skills/Life Coach. 


As a former number 1 draft pick and top prospect in baseball, I struggled with my mindset and believing in myself. The physical skills were there, but I was lacking in having the mindset to perform at my best consistently. 

Doubts plagued me my entire career and one incident with a coach made it even worse mentally for me and I ended up playing a victim to my circumstances.  That drowned me in negativity for years throughout my career and I carried that weight still 20 + years later. 

After continually dwelling on the past, my wife suggested that I listen to a podcast and learn the tool that was helping her cope with some negative thinking in her life.

During this time my playing career was well over.  I was now a scout for the Los Angeles Angels and started to immerse myself in this teaching while I was driving to games.


This tool had an awakening to my awareness that changed my life and allowed me to work through my issues in a more controlled way and take ownership and get out of the victim mentality. 

With this new approach and coaching in my life, I started coaching high school players on their mental game and was having some great success reaching these players. I continue to work with high school and college athletes and also now shifting my focus to former athletes and adults who want to work on their mindset around all different topics in their life. 

There is something different about being coached by someone one-on-one then listening to a YouTube video's or reading a book.  It allows you to be open and share all your thoughts around the issue.  

I truly believe every human should have a coach and someone they can go to to share what is happening and be straight up with them and show them how you are creating your results in you life.

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