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Jake Gitter

U of Northern Colorado/

Coastal Carolina

"Chad has the been one of the best people i’ve gotten the chance to meet and work with over the past year. I wish I would have crossed paths with Chad sooner in my career. No one person is the same and sometimes it’s the conversations and knowledge you gain from those that influence you’re thought process. Just having someone like Chad, who has been through just about all of the highs and lows makes your journey easier knowing that you aren’t alone and having someone else that gets it too. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a bunch of mental guys in my years but Chad has been the guy who I know I can trust and help me through just about anything."

Brayden Polzien

Buena Vista College

"Coach Hermansen transformed the way I think on the mound. I often found myself rushing and letting the game speed up and feeling like I was in a constant downward spiral. After working with Chad, I found out how to stop myself from those feelings and how to pick myself up out of the dirt. I went from being a last option out of the bullpen to the first guy out as a freshman at a very competitive university. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything I did without the help of Chad and his talks."

Coper Rust

Utah Valley

"When I first started working with Chad I wasn’t in a good place on and off the field, having someone there who would listen and also gave me tools to help gain my confidence back was huge. I am a collegiate athlete and I can only imagine how far ahead I would be if I would have worked with him earlier in my career. We as athletes focus so much of our time and energy into our physical skills when really the mental side of the game is just as important if not more important, my game really started to excel when I started to put that time and energy into my head, and the results have been nothing but fun!"

Janzen Keisel

BYU/Oklahoma State

"Baseball is a very mental game and coming back from an injury is one of the toughest mental aspects of the game. I am just coming back off Tommy John surgery that made me unsure of how I was going to perform once I got back on the mound. With Chad Hermansen’s Mental Edge Training he has shown me ways to overcome that fear, for example to throw a slider or a change up again and just the mental aspects of being motivated to go work hard and be the best player that I can possibly be. This program has helped me in many ways and it's been a lot of fun being on the live weekly calls with him and the other players."

Quinn Ayers

U of Northern Colorado

"Chad has done a great job of not only helping me between the lines with the mental side as well of routines & examples of ways to be better as a player. But also just growing a personal relationship with him, that helps me talk even life with him & growing as an individual outside of the field. I highly recommend him to anyone who has trouble with the mental side of the game in baseball as he has had multiple experiences at a high level & always has great information/recommendations of how to get through any tough sport."

Cal Anthony   Creighton Prep High School

"During my weekly sessions with Chad, he helped me gain confidence and simplified my hitting approach. I went from hitting .275 during the first half of the season to hitting over .400 the second half. I have never felt more confident at the plate. Chad took the time to identify my weaknesses, and showed me how to gradually change my mindset.
This process was awesome, I highly recommend working with Chad!"

Nick Calleo

Palo Verde

"Chad and I have been working for a couple of sessions, he has helped me with my whole mental approach. Whether it being baseball or life he has helped me tremendously. He really takes the time to understand you and finds a way to help based on you. The tapping sessions make you feel amazing. It totally relaxes you and helps clear your mind. After you finish tapping you are immediately more confident and feel as if you can take on the whole world. Overall, Chad is a great person who only wants the best from you. He wants to see you succeed in everything."

Ezra McNaughton

Mesa High School 

BYU Commit

"Working with Chad has been a very helpful tool in preparing for games and staying confident. Mental toughness is something I have not spent a lot of time on. After working with Chad I have become a big believer in mental preparation of your sport. He has given me great tips on how to stay focused and have a positive attitude while playing and preparing for games. He is a great source to go to for mental help in your game."

Derek Amicone

Grand Canyon/

Utah Valley Coach

"I’ve known Chad for a few years now after being on staff Utah Valley and Grand Canyon. I got to see how hard Chad worked as an area scout with the Angels as well witnessing how talented Chad was as a talent evaluator. Chad is a true professional. I worked with Chad in communicating with him about local and regional prospects. Chad always knew about prospects I asked him about and would give a thorough evaluation and honest opinion. Chad was easy to trust and was always willing to help.


Not only did I get to know Chad professionally, but I got to know Chad off the field as well. Chad has the utmost integrity and truly wants the best for players and parents in the game. His baseball experience and knowledge combined with his character give Chad the ability to give players and parents the resources, help and information they need to succeed."

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